Rikers Island

In the shadow of New York City's skyline, behind the looming walls of Rikers Island, a tale of resilience, hope, and the indomitable human spirit...

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Michele Evans

Jack-of-all-trades and master of writing! 

Michele dabbles in various genres & mediums, from sci-fi to romance, from novels to screenplays to articles. She has a fiction writing portfolio, where you can find her amazing stories, making you laugh, cry, and think! She also writes about real-life issues, such as the Covid situation in Rikers Island, which she covered for the New York Times.

Ms. Evans is also a Filmmaker. Many of her novels are adapted and originally written by her as screenplays. Michele's latest project 'New York Second' is currently in post-production.

Other Writing

When I arrived on Rikers Island in January 2019 to await trial for an assault charge, I knew it would be dangerous — after all, the women’s jail is notorious for chronic abuse, unsanitary conditions and violence. But what I did not know was that I would become one of hundreds of inmates at Rikers to contract the coronavirus.

I remember watching the TV in early March 2020 when a lawyer from Westchester County was reported to be the source of several cases in New York.

In the beginning, none of...

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The Art of the Capricorn Full Moon

Today, the Capricorn Full Moon, a celestial spectacle, graces our skies and finds us in a moment of profound significance for emotional release, self-reflection, and setting intentions for the future. In astrology, the full moon is associated with culmination, illumination, and the surfacing of hidden emotions. In the grounded and practical sign of Capricorn, this lunar energy takes on a unique flavor, emphasizing themes of responsibility, discipline, and...

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There's a saying that goes, "Art is pain made beautiful." For me, it's pain made purposeful.

Trauma leaves scars – some visible, some hidden deep within. My own journey through the fire of domestic violence and the harrowing experience of incarceration at Rikers Island has been one of survival, resilience, and ultimately, an unexpected creative awakening.

The path of healing from domestic violence and the trauma of incarceration is a winding one, fraught with setbacks and emotional triggers....

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Rikers Public Memory Project Launches Inaugural Fellowship to Amplify Directly-Impacted Voices

Four fellows will embark on creative projects that shed light on the often-unheard stories and perspectives surrounding Rikers Island.

The Rikers Narrative Change Community Fellowship is more than just funding; it's about providing a platform for these artists to share their truths, challenge dominant narratives, and ignite meaningful conversations. Each project will include a public engagement...

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Hello Cherished Readers,

I'm an author excited about the potential to connect with passionate readers. My latest work, a novel that saddles up in the Rocky Mountains, thrills with competition and romance, is available now!  Please send me your thoughts, suggestions or questions about any of my books!

Look forward to hearing from you,

Michele Evans