The Art of the Capricorn Full Moon

Today, the Capricorn Full Moon, a celestial spectacle, graces our skies and finds us in a moment of profound significance for emotional release, self-reflection, and setting intentions for the future. In astrology, the full moon is associated with culmination, illumination, and the surfacing of hidden emotions. In the grounded and practical sign of Capricorn, this lunar energy takes on a unique flavor, emphasizing themes of responsibility, discipline, and...

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There's a saying that goes, "Art is pain made beautiful." For me, it's pain made purposeful.

Trauma leaves scars – some visible, some hidden deep within. My own journey through the fire of domestic violence and the harrowing experience of incarceration at Rikers Island has been one of survival, resilience, and ultimately, an unexpected creative awakening.

The path of healing from domestic violence and the trauma of incarceration is a winding one, fraught with setbacks and emotional triggers....

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Rikers Public Memory Project Launches Inaugural Fellowship to Amplify Directly-Impacted Voices

Four fellows will embark on creative projects that shed light on the often-unheard stories and perspectives surrounding Rikers Island.

The Rikers Narrative Change Community Fellowship is more than just funding; it's about providing a platform for these artists to share their truths, challenge dominant narratives, and ignite meaningful conversations. Each project will include a public engagement...

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In a world that often equates vulnerability with weakness, daring to express our needs can feel like a revolutionary act.

We're conditioned to be self-sufficient, independent, and emotionally stoic, especially as women. But what if embracing our needs, in all their messy, passionate glory, is the key to unlocking deeper, more fulfilling connections?

In a world that often rewards stoicism and emotional detachment, vulnerability can feel like a weakness. We're taught to guard our hearts, to...

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Today, the weight of the past presses heavily on my heart. It's been two years since my niece, Macie, was tragically taken from us in a 4th of July Parade accident. Two years of unimaginable pain and grief for my family, a wound that time can never fully heal.

For me, the pain is amplified by a cruel twist of fate. Two years ago, I was trapped in prison, battling a severe medical condition that had me hospitalized and robbed me of my memory and cognitive abilities. When I finally regained...

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In the aftermath of shattered vows, she sought solace in another's arms, leaving a wounded heart and a fragmented family in her wake. Oh, the heartbreak. Only a few short days ago, it was Father's Day. A day filled with joy for many, but for some, a poignant reminder of love and loss.

As someone who has witnessed the profound impact the Stetdaddy in my story can have, I know firsthand the depth of love and sacrifice involved. The pain of separation is a heavy burden, but the love you've given...

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Have you ever felt the delicate tug of a string, a silent connection that binds you to another soul? In the tapestry of life, we are all woven together by invisible threads, our lives intertwined in ways we may never fully comprehend.

In my upcoming novel, "Woman's Heart: Deep Ocean of Secrets," we delve into the intricate web of interconnectedness that shapes our relationships, our choices, and our destinies. While the story explores the passionate love triangle between Chenille, Tyler, and...

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Have you ever felt the ripple effect of one relationship impacting another, like a pebble tossed into a still pond? In the world of love and emotions, we're rarely dealing with isolated incidents. Our hearts are intertwined, our past and present relationships weaving together in a complex tapestry of desires, vulnerabilities, and growth.

In my upcoming book, "Woman's Heart: Deep Ocean of Secrets," we explore the tangled web of interconnectedness that binds two seemingly separate love stories....

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