Plural Love

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In the untamed wilds of the 1800s Utah Territory, where passion burns as fiercely as the desert sun, love takes an extraordinary form.

Binghams: Plural Love is a sweeping saga igniting with the forbidden desires of Thomas Bingham, a rugged frontiersman, and his two captivating identical twin wives, Mary and Louesa. Bound by an unconventional love and unwavering faith, they carve a life together amidst the harsh realities of the pioneering West.

Their story is a tapestry woven with threads of taboo passion, unwavering loyalty, and the unyielding spirit of family. Witness the trials and triumphs of a plural marriage, where faith meets the untamed frontier, and the discovery of copper ore brings both fortune and bitter conflict, forever altering the daily life of this family, which is anything but ordinary.

Walk alongside the Binghams as they navigate the whispers of scandal, the challenges of building a life in a land untamed, and the fierce love that binds them together.  Their journey, is an intimate testament to love, perseverance, and the unbreakable spirit of family.  Each page, is a portal to a bygone era, inviting you to experience the laughter, the tears, the hope, the indomitable human spirit, and the unparalleled adventures that define their extraordinary odyssey.

Dive into "Binghams: Plural Love" and discover a saga that will captivate your heart, ignite your imagination, and leave you forever changed.