Trefoil Ranch

Where Hearts Run Wild!

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Sharla, a city girl yearning for adventure, finds herself amidst the towering pines and crystal-clear streams of Trefoil Ranch. Thrust into the heart of the wilderness mountains, she joins the spirited ranks of the "Trefoil Twits," a ragtag group of campers known for their laughter, mischief, and unwavering loyalty.

But Trefoil Ranch offers more than just campfires and horseback riding. It's a crucible where friendships are forged, anxieties confronted, and hidden talents unearthed. Sharla, challenged by the Junior Wrangler program, discovers a natural connection with the camp's magnificent horses. Under the watchful eye of Skip, a ruggedly handsome wrangler with a kind heart and a mysterious past, she hones her horsemanship skills, pushing past self-doubt to embrace the thrill of competition.

As the summer unfolds, the stakes rise higher than the surrounding peaks. The annual Junior Wrangler competition looms, a grueling test of horsemanship, teamwork, and grit. With the pressure mounting and new rivalries forged, Sharla and the Twits must band together, drawing strength from their newfound bonds and the breathtaking beauty of the mountain landscape.

Sparks fly as Sharla navigates the challenges of competition and the unexpected flutterings of her heart. Will she conquer her fears and claim victory, both in the arena and in matters of the heart? Or will the secrets and challenges of Trefoil Ranch prove too much to overcome?

Join Sharla and the Trefoil Twits on a heartwarming adventure filled with laughter, friendship, breathtaking scenery, and the exhilarating world of horsemanship. Discover the magic that unfolds when courage meets kindness, and where even the most unexpected journeys lead to self-discovery, lasting memories, and perhaps even a touch of summer romance.