Fogel Grip

Noir of Lies, Legacy & Lost Souls!

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In 'Fogel Grip: Noir of Lies, Legacy & Lost Souls!', dive into the thrilling discovery of an ancient ship beneath the World Trade Center that catapults a drug-addicted reporter into the heart of America's shadowy beginnings. Nadia, driven by an insatiable quest for truth, uncovers the obscured legacy of New Sweden—a forgotten colony that challenges everything we thought we knew about William Penn and the untamed lands of American folklore.

But amidst the historical intrigue, Nadia finds herself entangled in a web of unexpected desires. Sparks fly as she navigates the complexities of a forbidden attraction to her enigmatic boss, Frank, while simultaneously feeling a connection with Rain, the charming librarian who aids her in uncovering the secrets.

Nadia's investigation into Gertrude Svensdotter's defiant stand against colonial powers intertwines past and present, revealing a history of cultural erasure and silenced voices. Nadia's journey is a perilous trek through danger and addiction, seeking to illuminate the lost narratives that have shaped our nation.

This book is not just a story of discovery; it's a fight to reclaim a people's place in history, promising intrigue, revelation, and the unearthing of hidden Swedish heritage that vibrates with the very heartbeat of our country!  It's also a story of love, loss, and the search for truth in the face of hidden desires.