June 12, 2024
Woman's Heart Deep Ocean of Secrets

A song is worth a thousand words!

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The story of ‘Woman’s Heart: Deep Ocean of Secrets’ spans 30+ years. It follows a rag-tag group of characters involved in the making of what is hailed as one of the greatest Metal Concept Albums of all times, The Crimson Idol.

The setting is early 1990’s in Los Angeles California—the city of dreams. Reading through the credits of The Crimson Idol, one would never know it tells the story behind the story. Nestled amongst the Thank You’s, this author’s name is forever etched and immortalized within the adventure. While certain people are the face of the project, undertaking such a grand endeavor is a collaborative effort. These are their stories.

The author wishes to compose her own thank-you list:

  • Mikey - Always remember us this way!
  • Stet - I am proud as hell of you and all your accomplishments! If only the world had more men like you!! You are larger than life! You are Superman! You are a hero!
  • Blackie - Thank you for the exception and for providing the backdrop to a lifelong love story!
  • Russ - Thank you for rescuing me!
  • Ross - Now known as the godfather of nu-metal? Congrats!
  • Janelle - My L Twin!
  • George - You changed the course of my life!
  • Jimi - R.I.P.